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2011 Phoenix:

The Gospel, the Church, and Social Justice (Darrin Patrick)
Adoption and the Giving God (Dan Cruver)
The Church as the Theater of Transracial Adoption (Bryan Loritts)
Gospel-Motivation for Missional Living (Jeff Vanderstelt)
Relaxing in Trinitarian Love (Tim Chester)
Men and the Fatherless (Jason Kovacs)
Positively Adopting Children with AIDS (Carolyn Twietmeyer)
Transracial Adoption from a Gospel-Centered Perspective (Vermon Pierre)
You Are Not Alone (Jedd Medefind)
The Orphan and Child-Trafficking (Paul Myhill, World Orphans)
Reforming the International Adoption Process (Trey Ingram, Jedd Medefind, Elizabeth Styffe, Carolyn Twietmeyer & Rebecca Weichhand)
Grassroots Brainstorming & Opportunities for Orphan Care (Chris Marlow)
The Mega Issues: Breaking Down People’s Perception of the Orphan (Paul Myhill, World Orphans)
Ideas for Becoming an Adoption-Friendly Church (Donna Thoennes, Ph.D., Biola)
Missional Living and Orphan Care (Jason Kovacs)
Six Things Churches Can Do Everywhere for Orphans (Elizabeth Styffe)
Raising Children with a Heart for Orphans (Dennae Pierre)
Indigenous Adoption Movements (Johnny Carr)
Creative Financing for Adoption (Julie Gumm)

2010 Austin:

Keeping the Gospel at the Center of the Global Orphan Crisis (Dan Cruver)
The Church and the Foster Child (Robert Gelinas)
The Church as the Answer to Foster Care Challenge (Dave Gibbons)
Counting the Cost: Preparing Churches for the Adoption Journey by Karyn Purvis
The Gospel and Church-Centered Orphan Care (J.D. Greear)
The Church as the Champion of Social Justice (Matt Carter)

2009 Nashville:

Adoption: Making Outsiders Insiders (Dan Cruver, read session summary)
The Freedom of Adoption (Scotty Smith, brief video interviewsession summary)
Adoption and the Pursuit of Racial Reconciliation (Scott Roley, brief video interviewsession summary)
The Gospel, Social Justice and the Missional Church (Ed Stetzer, brief video interviewsession summary)
Orphan Care and Jesus, the Great Servant of the Poor (Michael Easley, brief video interviewsession summary)
Adoption and the Renewal of Creation (Russell Moore, brief video interviewsession summary)

2008 Greenville:

Conference Welcome and the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ Vision for Orphan Ministry (Jason Kovacs and Maridel Sandberg)
Adoption in God’s Story of Redemption (Dan Cruver)
The Good News of Adoption (Rick Phillips)
Adoption and the Multi-Ethnic Family of God (Carl Robbins)

Other Sermons:

The STORY Behind the Story of Adoption (Dan Cruver)
Adoption is a Story-Word (Dan Cruver, Psalm 36:7-9)

Video: A Lifelong Love: Keeping the Gospel Central to Orphan Care

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