National Conference 2012

September 14-15 / Atlanta, GA

Hosted by:
Cross Pointe Church

Conference for Pastors

October 4-5 / Louisville, KY

Hosted by: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary & Hope for Orphans

Dr. Tim J. R. Trumper’s Breakout Sessions

Session #1: The Theological History of Adoption

Not for the first time in church history, the endeavor is under way to recover the doctrine of adoption. Whereas previous attempts ended up faltering, in part for want of awareness of the extent of the neglect of adoption, the current interest in its recovery already has the benefit of a detailed understanding of its theological history. This has been gleaned from the creeds, confessions, and writings of the church, and brings to light some fascinating trends and facts. These not only demonstrate the reality of the neglect of adoption, they go some way to explain it, and point in the process to the significance benefits accruing to the faith and practice of the church from the recovery of adoption.

Session #2: The Strategic Significance of Adoption

While the biblical teaching on adoption is inherently important, it is also strategically so. Stated alternatively, the recovery of adoption not only promises the filling of a lacuna in the field of theology, it offers to break the impasse of a number of present day debates. The session explains this in regard to one major example, namely the debate over the new perspective on Paul, and demonstrates in particular how a biblically sensitive understanding of adoption can mediate effectively the recent exchange between Dr. John Piper and Prof. N. T. Wright. In making the case, Dr. Trumper builds on his own interaction with the new perspective on Paul dating back to 2002, utilizing in the process insights by Prof. Kevin Vanhoozer from the 2010 Wheaton Theology Conference.

Session #3: The Pastoral Application of Adoption

Working from a summary of the salient biblical features of adoption—chiefly Paul’s exclusive, metaphorical, Trinitarian, redemptive-historical, and eschatological use of huiothesia—attention is given to the rich array of its spiritual and practical applications. Many of these spiritual applications are not new, having been worked out in the sixteenth-century by John Calvin, the theologian par excellence of adoption. Nevertheless, fresh expression is given to them in light of the present, to which are added up-to-date practical applications for personal, communal, and pastoral use today.

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