House Conferences

Our house conference initiative is an effort to bring teaching on God’s story of adoption and its implications for the global orphan crisis to living rooms in select cities across the United States. Obviously, not everyone can fly across the country to attend a T4A conference. So, in part, our house conference initiative aims to “bring a T4A conference to a living room near you . . . for free.”

House Conference Format: 20-20-20

- 20 minutes of teaching: The Story Behind the Story of Adoption – Sparking the Conversation
- 20 minutes of discussion: In-House Interviews – Continuing the Conversation
- 20 minutes of questions: Q & A  – Expanding the Conversation

Our hope is to use house conferences to spark continuing conversations about orphan care that move Christians/churches toward greater collaboration and implementation. Why will these conferences be hosted in homes? Because the orphan crisis is something that Christians should grapple with in their living rooms. It should be that personal to us.

House Conference I (Chandler, Arizona):

Our first house conference was hosted in Chandler, Arizona by Tyler Johnson and very hospitable members of Redemption Church. Here is part 1 of the 3-part evening. In it, I explain my adoption and Trinity diagram.

In part 2 of our first house conference, I interview Tyler Johnson about the difficult process of their first adoption. It’s an amazing story. If you are growing weary of waiting that comes with adoption, you’ll want to watch this interview.

In the third part of our first house conference, I had the opportunity to interview Craig Juntunen about his global initiative (Both Ends Burning) to transform the international adoption process. Craig is a former professional quarterback whose life took an unexpected turn as a result of a trip to Haiti. Since that trip to Haiti, Craig has become an adoptive father, founder of Chances for children (which has placed over 100 Haitian children in adoptive families), and now the founder and president of the Both Ends Burning Campaign. Although adoption, whether domestic or international, is not the answer to the global orphan crisis, the adoption process certainly needs to be reformed for the sake of children who are waiting for families. Through the Both Ends Burning Campaign, Craig Juntunen and his team are working tirelessly to make this a reality.

House Conference II (Phoenix, Arizona):

This video is the interview segment of our second house conference, which was held in Phoenix, Arizona in partnership with Roosevelt Community Church. In it, I interview Vermon and Dennae Pierre about their foster-to-adopt story. What I love about their story is that it could not have happened without their local church. Vermon is the lead pastor of Roosevelt Community Church.

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