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The Theology of Adoption at !deacamp

by Dan Cruver Published Feb 23, 2011

Asking me to talk about the theology of adoption and its implications for the global orphan crisis is like asking a lion if he’d like to eat some red meat. I don’t even have to consider whether or not it’s something I’d “like” to do. So, when Mike Rusch asked me to lead a workshop on the theology of adoption at !deacamp, all I had to do before giving him my answer was to see if I had those dates open, which I did.

One of the main reasons why talking about this subject is such a no-brainer for me is due to what I think theology is. For the Christian, theology isn’t an add-on or a “take it or leave it” activity (Read “Do we really have time for theology when orphans need our help now?” – Part 1 & Part 2). Theology is life with God, and life with God is theology.

So, it is with much anticipation that I head to !ideacamp tomorrow to talk about this critical topic: “The Theology of Adoption and Pushing Toward Trinitarian Solutions to the Global Orphan Crisis.” Here is my workshop’s description: Our redemption and the renewal of all creation has a very definite trinitarian shape. By the gospel God has opened up his eternal triune life to us and will one day give us a renewed creation for our eternal home. This workshop will explore how the trinitarian shape of redemption and renewal should inform our care for orphans.

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