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Steve McCoy, Jonathan Dodson, Timmy Brister, and Justin Buzzard are pastors who have blogs that I have regularly followed for several years now. Each of them has contributed in various ways to my growing understanding of the gospel and missional living. So, when it came time to create a list of bloggers whom I wanted to ask if they would consider endorsing Reclaiming Adoption, their names came to mind immediately. All four of these men graciously agreed to endorse the book.

“I’m excited to share this book with those interested in or involved with earthly adoption. But Reclaiming Adoptiondeserves a much wider audience. This is a book about the Gospel, about our heavenly Father’s love for us and our adoption by Him. It’s a book about responding to our adoption by joining God’s mission to spread His love. Read it. It just may change the way you think of earthly adoption. It just may change the way you think of God’s love.”

Steve McCoy, Pastor, Doxa Fellowship; blogs at Reformissionary

Reclaiming Adoption is more than a faddish call to adopt children. It dives deeper and swims further. By exploring the theological depths of the triune God’s saving, adopting love, the authors show us its far-reaching implications for Christian identity, ecclesiology, and mission. Those interested in the doctrine of adoption will benefit significantly by reading this book.”

—Jonathan Dodson, Lead Pastor, Austin City Life; blogs at Creation Project

“I have heard it said that our adoption in Christ is the excellency and apex of God’s salvation. In fact, we’re told that this adoption has cosmic implications as all creation awaits the revelation of once flagrant rebels now glorified children of God (Rom. 8:19). I’m greatly blessed—and I know you will be as well—by the capable guides in Reclaiming Adoption who propel us to the breathtaking views of God’s Trinitarian work of adopting us as His own. Not only that, but this book causes you to take it in chapter by chapter. Having been thrilled by God’s adopting love, you are set free to live from God’s acceptance of you, not striving for it; to go on a rescue mission after rebels because God’s missionary heart has included you.”

—Tim Brister, Director, The PLNTD Network; Director, Band of Bloggers; blogs at Provocations & Pantings

“This book can make you come more alive to the heart of the gospel and the mission of the gospel. Reclaiming Adoption says better in 100 pages what many have attempted to say in 1,000 pages. This is a fresh telling of the best news in the universe, good news that changes everything: the fatherless receive a Father!”
Justin Buzzard, Pastor, San Francisco Bay Area; author of Hebrews: Consider Jesus; blogs at Buzzard Blog

Reclaiming Adoption will be released on 1.1.11 by Cruciform Press.

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