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!dea Camp, Orphan Care and the Church

by Dan Cruver Published Dec 17, 2010

I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead a workshop at The Idea Camp’s upcoming conference on Orphan Care and the Church, to be held February 25-26 in NW Arkansas. Some of the best thinkers in the evangelical orphan care movement will be there to share ideas and facilitate discussion to move those ideas toward implementation.

My workshop will explore how the reality of our Triune God should shape and inform how the Church actually addresses the global orphan crisis and implements ideas like the ones that will be discussed at the conference. I really can’t think of anything that has more relevance for the practical implementation of ideas than the reality of the Trinity does. When the disciples were on the eve of being thrown into the greatest crisis the world has ever known—Jesus’ crucifixion and murder, Jesus ushered them into a profound exploration of the mystery of the Trinity. If Jesus thought Trinitarianism was absolutely essential for the disciples’ implementation of practical Christianity, then I think we would do well to think through how the reality of the Trinity might shape how the Church implements solutions to the global orphan crisis.

When the eternal Son of God became man, he ushered his infinite, flawless communion with the Father into the deepest depths of our sin, pain, and suffering (see Mark 14:36), and he did so that he might create a community of people (the Church) that would serve as his hands and feet in a broken world. Join me February 25-26 at The Idea Camp as we explore Trinitarian solutions to the global orphan crisis.

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