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Praying for Movements of Indigenous Adoption

by Jason Kovacs Published Aug 20, 2010

In a earlier post this year I wrote about the growing burden to see the global church grasp their responsibility for the orphan. I believe more than ever that along with inter-country adoption, the only viable and biblical solution to the global orphan crisis is for a movement of indigenous, in-country adoption.

I have been encouraged to hear others talking about this as well. And it is happening – the highlight for me at Summit VI was the testimony of an Ukranian pastor who shared how God gripped his heart for the orphans in his own country and how he was led to adopt a child. He is now leading a movement of other pastors to mobilize the Ukranian church to adopt the orphans in their country. Not only that, they are now going to Russia to encourage pastors there to do the same!

Along with the Ukraine, there are movements in the US, Australia, and Sweden that are gaining momentum to see every waiting child adopted. God is moving in the hearts of His people! Let us join together in praying that this kind of movement would be sparked within every country in the world where orphans exist.

God is big. He can do it. He cares more about the orphan than all of us put together!

  • Jerry

    I spent 3 years in China, and I would love to see someone mobilize the tens of millions of believers there for orphan care. Does anyone know of a movement there toward that?

  • Jason Kovacs

    Jerry, I have not heard of anything in terms of indigenous Chinese believers adopting but would love to know if that is happening. I have heard of some believers doing Fostercare in China.

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