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Orphan Care Ministry in Sweden

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 19, 2010

Earlier this week I received a very encouraging email from one of our Swedish Christian brothers. Mattias Abom leads Sweden’s first orphan care and adoption ministry. His passion and objective is to mobilize the body of Christ in Sweden to care for orphans, to teach and challenge Sweden’s Christians and churches to commit themselves to orphans, both in Sweden and around the world. I am extremely grateful to God for all that Mattias is doing in Sweden for the sake of orphans. His work and commitment there are a wonderful example to me.

Mattias will be attending our upcoming conference in Austin. He has a long trip ahead of him! If you’ll be at the conference, make sure you look him up. Learn from him about what God is doing in Sweden in the area of orphan care and adoption ministry. Here’s Mattias’ letter:

Why the Together for Adoption conference is important for Europe and especially Sweden.

There are three important things that make Together for Adoption and your orphan and adoption ministry a good example for Europe and Sweden’s Christian.

1. You preach it

2. You believe it

3. You do it

In many Christian contexts in Europe and in Sweden they do not preach about it, there is no teaching of God’s plan for the orphans or adoption. That is why so many Christians adopt without knowing what the Bible says.

One reason is that the word adoption is not in our translations. It says: to raise as their own. But not many know that it means adoption. It is learned only in the adoption courses. In the English translation, it is clear what it is all about and that it is part of God’s plan.

It is so clear that your commitment to orphan care and adoption is based on biblical ground, actions and commitment to God. There is also thorough and professional in many aspects.

America’s churches have for centuries influenced the churches in Europe and Sweden. Not least in the baptism and the Pentecostal revival. Sweden has since then spread the gospel to most of Latin America for example. The gospel had a ripple effect.

My wish and prayer is that Togheter for Adopting conference and your church orphan and adoption ministry shall create a positive effect for many people, that your work will have ripple effect even to Europe and Sweden.

Your faith, and practical work is a good example for Christians in Sweden to see the work for orphans and adoption from a Christian perspective, by God’s Word, through Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we follow each week, good examples so we can be good example! It is not models we need, that is not organization we need. We need to see children in need and children without parents, through the faith in Jesus Christ and through God’s love!

I look forward to seeing you all in Austin!
Best regards

Mattias Abom
Director for Sweden’s first orphan and adoption ministry

”Change Children’s life!”

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