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Adoptionology for Kenyan & Ethiopian Pastors

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 7, 2010

Our good friends at World Orphans gave me the opportunity to put together a brief document that introduces the theology of adoption. It will be used as part of their equipping of national pastors in Kenya and Ethiopia to start. Click on the image below to read or download this two-page article.

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    This is great!

    So important, though, that we not get confused, as we are wont. When we adopt because God adopted us, and it is ( as I say wholeheartedly all the time, and Mean it) one of the best reflections of Him that a human being can do….we must not fall into the trap of thinking therefore we are in any way the Godly part of the relationship. As a matter of fact, Jesus identifies himself with those being fed and clothed in Matt 25:31ff. I say this in light of the fact that we who care for orphans; whether orphanage directors, or adopting parents, sometimes have a sense of entitlement in regard to interaction with these precious charges.

    Also…I have been trying to figure this out. What is the reason that the children of Israel were in Egypt in the first place? We know the story of Joseph, but is there any activity in the covenant people’s background that reflects the reason for being carried off to ( and subsequently redeemed out of) Babylon? Did one of the patriarchs do something that would cause their just adopting God to allow them to become enslaved?

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