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A Rescued Champion

by Brian Morgan Published Aug 5, 2010

I got off a plane at the LAX airport in 2001 and was greeted by a man named Troy Matthews, he wasn’t hard to miss – just listen for the guy with a thick Australian accent in the mob of people at baggage claim. It was from that moment at the airport to today that my life has been challenged to be a champion for Christ. I will explain.

Troy as the Dean of Students, was doing as he commonly did, picking up future students of this small Bible College in Los Angeles from the airport and showing them around town and the campus. He showed me the dorms, the chapel, the good places to eat, and we wrapped up our time together that weekend in his office just talking about life. Troy shared with me his story, that he was adopted at birth to some amazing parents that were missionaries in Australia.

It was September 7, 1961 that Troy was born to a young mother in Snyder, Texas, and because of the closed adoption he doesn’t know much more than that about his fraternal parents. Simultaneously to this woman’s pregnancy, a young couple had battled several miscarriages and were urged by a local pastor in Snyder to consider adoption – particularly the adoption of Troy. They quickly realized that this was their “gift from God.”

Today, Troy puts it in his own words, “They were his gift from God.” Troy explained to me in a recent interview that he never went through rejection, he was accepted as the only child bearing now the family name, “Matthews.” The places God has taken him are nothing short of amazing and could only be God-purposed. From the age of 8, he was in Australia, learning the heart of ministry serving along side his parents missionary work.  It was there he realized his calling in life to educate the future generations. He pursued an undergrad degree at Baptist Bible College in Missouri and shortly after graduation, he married. Continuing his education, he received a masters from Liberty University, and a doctorate degree from Argosy University.

God moved Troy and his family from teaching in Australia, to teaching in Southern California, to now Professorship at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia – which is recognized as the world’s largest and fastest growing evangelical school in the world. Dr. Matthews is now a professor of “Contemporary Issues”, a course required by all majors at Liberty. The subject matter directly approaches one’s world view – affirming a Biblical world view and also applying it. Topics such as adoption, abortion, and a Christian’s moral responsibility to such topics and understanding of absolute truth’s found in Scripture. These courses are designed to affirm a believers responsibility to the world around them.

I asked Dr. Matthews, what excited him about being a professor, he quickly responded, “The potential to change the world…what a privilege to influence students and enhance their relationship with Christ. I can be a champion, and I can reinvest in others to be young champions as well. – just as I was invested in.”

I had the distinct privilege of telling Dr. Matthews over the phone, “thank you for investing in me.” His story has encouraged me to go into the highways and byways proclaiming the good news, who knows what is still to come…
As the T4A Conference Coordinator, I’m praying that God raises up the next generation’s leader, by challenging and encouraging parents to continue to step out in faith, invest greatly and anticipate God to work out the details in their adoption process. Every precious child has a purpose in this vast world, what will your role be in making that a reality?

Attend the National Conference this October 1st and 2nd, and let God work through you.

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