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“Not Second-Class Children”

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 27, 2008

Richard Phillips, one of our speakers for our T4A conference this fall, writes:

“Adoption makes us full members of God’s family, not second-class children. It provides us all the privileges of sonship, with obligations as well. What are these privileges? First, we have a relationship with God as our Father; we come to him familiarly, calling him Father, with open access to his presence. Second, we have God’s care and provision, materially and spiritually through the Holy Spirit. Third, we have the privilege of God’s fatherly discipline as he works in us for a harvest of righteousness and peace. Fourth, we become heirs of all our Father’s goods. These privileges are all reflected in a modern-day adoption certificate, one of which I saw reads this way: ‘Said ADOPTEE shall have all rights of a child and be heir of the adopting parents and shall be subject to duties of such child. Said ADOPTEE shall hereafter be known as . . .’ and a space is given for a new name to be assigned. So it is with our adoption into God’s family. With these privileges come responsibilities; they include bearing God’s name nobly in this world, doing his will, obeying him as our Father and sovereign Lord, defending and advancing the cause of his household and reign” (Richard Phillips, Chosen in Christ, 64).

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