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What’s theology have to do with conference exhibitors? Together for Adoption’s conference ministry is intentionally and carefully centered upon theology. Since theology is a necessary consideration of not only facts about our Triune God but also our grace-granted participation in the mutual knowing and loving of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then a theology-centered conference must also be centered on real world issues.

Here’s what I mean: God the Father sent His eternal Son to become man in order that we might receive adoption as sons and one day forever live in our Father’s love-overflowing home called the renewed heavens and earth. And since the incarnate Son successfully accomplished Mission Adoption, God the Father has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!” so that we might long more and more for that future day!

Do you see it? Our Triune God cares deeply about all things earthly! God does not intend to scrap all things physical and usher us into an eternal immaterial existence. No! God’s intention is to renew all things, both physical and spiritual! For God to renew all things means that one day there will be no parentless children on the face of the planet. Everyone alive on the renewed earth will know God as Father and the incarnate Son as brother in the loving communion of the Spirit. As Scotty Smith said in his sermon at Together for Adoption last year, when God renews the heavens and the earth the word orphan will no longer exist as a present tense reality. On the renewed earth orphan will only be a word that used to be.

All of this means that people that care about theology should also be people who care about the way things are right now in the world. We are people who are keenly aware of the fact that things in this world are currently not the way they are supposed to be. We are also people, then, who labor, sometimes at the cost of our own lives, to give the world a foretaste of the way things will one day be. Ultimately, this is what drives our care for the orphan, our pursuit of justice and release for the sex-trafficked child, our efforts to place the lonely in families, our sponsorship of vulnerable children, and our strategies to plant orphan-loving churches in unreached people groups. On and on we could go.

We don’t invite exhibitors to our conferences just because that’s what conferences do. We invite exhibitors to our conferences because that’s what theology does. Theology will not permit us to live in ivory towers and “flowery beds of ease.” True theology moves us out into the real world to address real needs. That’s why we’ve invited the exhibitors we have. It’s theology-driven.

Therefore, it is with great joy that I introduce you to our current list of conference exhibitors:

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