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Who will be at our conference? Aaron Ivey

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 2, 2010

Aaron Ivey, a husband and adoptive father, believes that all worship is a grace-created response to the creative and compelling God. Serving as one of the worship pastors at The Austin Stone, Aaron now views his touring ministry as an extension of what goes on within a vibrant, healthy local church. With a passion for living out God’s word, compassion for God’s children, and a deep, abiding love of God, Aaron and his bandmates are challenging a generation of believers to take their experiences in corporate worship out into the world, to marry song with service. God has uniquely gifted Aaron as a gospel-centered, orphan-loving worship leader.

We are honored to have Aaron Ivey leading worship at our October 1-2 conference in the name of Jesus for the sake of orphans. Join us as we worship together!

The following music video is about the Ivey’s adoption of their two children from Haiti, Amos and Story.

  • Becky Wright

    I am SO excited to be coming to this conference! Literally the very same day (hours before) I learned of this conference, I had a very vivid and disturbing dream (in my sleep, of course!) It was about orphans, and my own biological children… and how God viewed each of them. I wept bitterly after I woke up, and haven’t been to even speak of it without falling apart. The weight of it is so HEAVY, and I know that God is further defining what I’m supposed to be doing (even on a larger scale) with my music ministry. (I’m already recording an entire CD called “The Heart of Adoption”, and speaking across the country about orphans, foster care, adoption, and crisis pregnancy ministry. We also adopted two foster kids last year- and we already had 7 kids!!) I’m on pins and needles to see what more I will be learning and absorbing (and going back to teach our congregation and community) at this conference. Lord, teach me! See you all soon! Becky

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