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In Part 1 I argued that ultimately orphan care is not what we do. It’s what Jesus does. Because of our union with Christ, who is the resurrected and ascended High Priest, Jesus not only purifies and cleanses our ministry to orphans, he leads it. His ministry to orphans is the ministry to orphans. As those who are in union with him by faith, we have the unbelievable and incomparable privilege of participating in his ministry. When we minister to orphans, we participate in what he is already doing.

The reality of this astounding truth both humbles and energizes me at the same time. It humbles me because I’m reminded that orphan care is not my ministry. If it were my ministry, I’d be in trouble because I really don’t serve orphans all that well. But since I’m in union with God’s appointed Leader of orphan ministry (or any God-ordained ministry for that matter), Jesus gathers up all that I do for orphans into himself, purifies, cleanses, and transforms it, so that all I do for orphans really matters and has eternal significance. Now that’s humbling — in a very good way!

But this truth also energizes me for the same reasons it humbles me. Since, rightly understood, orphan care is primarily the ministry of Jesus, what I do to care for and be a voice for orphans really, really matters. It matters, really matters, eternally. Even when I’m not “on my game” when serving orphans, Jesus takes my five loaves and two fish and multiplies them exponentially. When I care for orphans, it’s never just me, or even primarily me. It’s Jesus! Now that’s energizing!

If anything will keep us serving the orphan over the long haul, it will be a deeper understanding and appreciation of our union with Jesus.

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