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Pure and Undefiled Religion is this…

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 15, 2010

J.D. Greear (pastor at The Summit Church) writes:

James is not giving you some artificial, legalistic checklist that says, “Do you have any direct involvement with ‘orphans and widows’? If so, you’re good; if not, you’re not a real Christian…” Lots of people who are involved in orphan care do so for wrong motives, and lots of people who genuinely love God aren’t involved directly with that ministry… The Gospel never gives you checklists like that, about anything.

Rather, what this means is that someone who has experienced the transformation of the Gospel naturally gravitates toward loving those who are in need, whoever they are; and, if we don’t do that, if we are not leveraging our life and our talents and our resources to bless others with the Gospel, we might not (for all our religious activity, and our Bible verses, and our sanitized behavior…) really be saved!

James is saying to us, No religion is genuine, no matter how many verses you know or how intensely you worship, that doesn’t lead you to love and sacrifice for those in need. We cannot say we are disciples of Christ if we turn a deaf ear to the poor. As we learned from the book of Ruth, those who have been redeemed become redeemers themselves.

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