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Remember Australia’s At-Risk Children

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 6, 2010

On January 4th I listed what I’m asking God to do in the church in 2010 for the sake of the orphan. Since the orphan crisis is a global crisis and Christ’s Church is a global Church, I thought it would be helpful to do a series of prayer-posts that focus on the orphan crisis in different countries throughout the world. Lord willing, this series of posts will help remind us that there are children all over the world who need our prayers, advocacy, and care.

10 Prayers for Australia’s At-Risk and Orphaned Children
By Helen Parker, President of The Babes Project (The Babes Project is a ministry in Australia that is committed to coming alongside women and their families as they face crisis pregnancy. We believe in offering options such as adoption or parenting as positive alternatives to abortion and offering support throughout these processes.)

What we in Australia are asking God to do in the church in 2010 regarding adoption. We are praying that God would:

1. Tear down strongholds, changing the ideologies and mindsets of people toward adoption within Australia.

2. Reveal his heart for adoption within the Christian church, causing 10 Churches to preach the good news of adoption.

3. Raise up 10 Churches to consistently teach about God’s heart for the orphan, resulting in a priority for adoption & foster care within their congregations.

4. Establish a ministry to resource church congregations in areas of adoption, foster care and caring for women facing crisis pregnancy.

5. Move within the church to develop life group (small group) based studies to be used by congregations, relevant to the Australian adoption context.

6. Raise up churches that will lead the education of young women about adoption as an alternative to abortion, seeing them supported throughout their pregnancy, through the adoption process and beyond.

7. Raise up 5 youth ministries that will engage in the adoption/ abortion issue through debate style events.

8. Raise up 10 churches that will actively support National Adoption Awareness Week, engaging with local schools and children’s church to promote & discuss adoption.

9. Move within church congregations to pray and vote accordingly in this election year, that God will provide Australis with a Government that will actively support a Christian moral stance and, as a result, prioritise policy changes in regards to abortion and adoption within Australia.

10. Awaken Christians as a whole to actively and winsomely encourage the government to make legislative changes in the areas of abortion and adoption.

Follow The Babes Project on Twitter. I love what they are doing.

  • Sherrin Drew

    Wow! That is exciting. I am Australian and know firsthand how strong the opposition to adoption is. There are very few local adoptions, but many people who long to adopt. International adoption is highly regulated and very difficult. Encouraging people to consider adoption here in Australia is great, as they will be inspired to pray and care for orphans. However, the obstacles for those who want to adopt are huge! Change needs to happen on a societal level for there to be children available to adopt. The fact that there are few local adoptions is not just a result of abortion, it is also due to the single parent pension. When adoption rates were higher this was not available. Having said that, the stigma about adoption is so strong that very few women with unwanted pregnancies even consider it. It is amazing to see that there is an organisation devoted to challenging the status quo starting with the church. God’s people have his power to effect change!

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