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Adopted to be Heirs

by Dan Cruver Published Mar 16, 2010

“God hath adopted us, not as natural men, for this or that respect, to an earthly inheritance, but God freely adopts us to an heavenly inheritance that fadeth not; neither doth God adopt us as men do men for the solacing of childlessness, for God hath a Son in whom he is pleased; neither again can men’s adoption make their adopted sons to be good; but when God adopts us, he makes us as he would have us to be, like himself. Other adopted sons, many of them are not sharers together of the inheritance; but we are made heirs and fellow-heirs with Christ himself.”
~Richard Sibbes

  • keller hackbusch

    What an awesome quote by Sibbes. Adoption is the heart of the gospel. Our lives will be transformed by knowing and understanding the weight of being adopted by God.

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