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God’s work of adoption, from its pre-temporal beginning to its earth-renewing ending, is as pro-life as it gets. When sin broke into the world through Adam’s rebellion, death began its tyrannical reign.

As a result, human culture became a culture of death, begining with the story of Cain and Abel and continuing on with ethnic genocide, politicide, infanticide (abortion), euthanasia, and the like in our contemporary world. We live in a world where death—since the fall of man in the beginning—continues to dominate the headlines in the major media outlets. If we’re not careful, we can become jaded, cynical and shortsighted in our attempts to advocate for a pro-life agenda.

What the world (and church) actually needs more than a pro-life defense that’s filled with political and theological rhetoric is a vision for the future that is cast, framed and informed by God’s consummated work of adoption. There are basically two aspects to God’s work of adoption as presented in Scripture: (1) child-placement (huiothesia = “placement of a son” and (2) creation-renewal (Romans 8:23). The first aspect, child-placement, is usually the primary focus of the pro-adoption and pro-life communities. But if we are to make headway into these current cultural wars, our efforts need to focus equally, if not primarily, on the creation-renewal aspect of God’s adoptive work.

I’m convinced that the creation-renewal aspect of God’s work of adoption must take precedence over its child-placement aspect. Why, you ask? Because its implications are more far reaching than what a society does with its orphans. God’s adoptive-work of creation-renewal is concerned with the human flourishing of society at every conceivable level. The concern with human flourishing should not begin once a child becomes a full orphan (losing both parents to death). It should begin preemptively in areas where the mortality rate of parents with young children is especially high. If you’re still not convinced that God’s adoptive work of creation-renewal is concerned with human flourishing at every level of existence within the created order, even with the flourishing of families that contain vulnerable children, just read Romans 8:81-23. God’s work of adoption will one day bring comprehensive healing and wholeness to the totality of human society. Scripture’s teaching on adoption will not allow us to be myopic in how we address the full spectrum of pro-life issues, whether they’re addressed inside or outside the church.

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