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Life as a Pre-Quake Orphan in Haiti

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 27, 2010

I just discovered the trailer to the documentary “Strange Things.” If the trailer is representative of the documentary, the film will provide a moving inside look at what life was like for Haiti’s pre-quake orphans. Let me encourage you to watch the trailer and then pray for Haiti’s orphans once it’s over.

From the website:

There is a name for street kids in Haiti, “Sanguine,” which means “Soulless” in Creole. These children represent Haiti’s future. “Bagay Dwol” tells their story.

When one asks a child on the streets of Haiti “What’s up?”, they say “Bagay Dwol,” which means “Strange Things” in Creole. It is this perspective that makes the staggering amount of homeless children in Haiti resilient, although they are almost forgotten by their own government and internationally. “Strange Things” is an honest portrait of Haiti through the eyes of “street boys,” and after the wake of recent political turbulence.

The film takes place in the Northern city of Cap-Haitian where the land is lush and where the history runs deep. It is a landscape of contrasts, and the site where Haiti won its independence in 1804.

Shot on both Super-16mm film and digital video, “Strange Things” documents a Haiti that is virtually unknown. Portraits of various homeless children who make their lives on the streets are seen within this film. Two main characters, Luckenson, 17, and Denick, 14 are seen struggling with their existence within the infrastructure of Haiti and hope to get off the streets, go to school and become a “decent human being.” Other homeless children show us their experience to help explain why and how over 300,000 of Haiti’s children are left to survive poverty on their own.

  • debra parker

    I just shared this on my twitter. My husband and I are currently trying to bring our 9 year old Haitian son home. Ernest (my husband) is currently camping at the Embassy with R in tow.

    A call is going out to the church to rise up and do something, do something big, for the orphans of Haiti.

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