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Remember Mongolia’s Orphans

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 25, 2010

On January 4th I listed what I’m asking God to do in the church in 2010 for the sake of the orphan. Since the orphan crisis is a global crisis and Christ’s Church is a global Church, I thought it would be helpful to do a series of prayer-posts that focus on the orphan crisis in different countries throughout the world. While the earthquake in Haiti has increased needed awareness of Haiti’s orphan crisis, we must be careful not to forget the needs of orphans elsewhere. Lord willing, this series of posts will help remind us that there are children all over the world who need our prayers, advocacy, and care.

10 Prayers for the Sake of At-Risk and Orphaned Children in Mongolia for 2010
by Bernie and Renee Anderson

(Bernie and Renee Anderson, with their two children, Jonathan and Cori, are working with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. You can contact Bernie and Renee’ through their website: Remember Mongolia.)

Facts about Mongolia. Mongolia is a harsh and extreme place, climate being the first indicator. As I type this from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, it’s blowing snow and -10F. That’s about thirty degrees warmer than what it’s been other mornings this week. Perhaps it’s a result of the climate, perhaps it’s just the nature of the culture here, but Mongolian society tends to be a tad on the harsh side, as well. Leftover Soviet systems, Buddhistic stoicism and, most crucially, the drought of the Gospel has left its mark on a Mongolian culture. This affects how important social issues (and Biblical issues like orphan care) are dealt with in this country.

It’s assumed that kids without parents, or children with disabilities, must have done something wrong in a previous life, thus they are required to suffer in this one. If they suffer well, perhaps their next life will be better for them. Just maybe.

The results of this kind of devilish thinking leave orphaned children and children with disabilities on the fringes of society, often thrown away like leftovers. Many of these kids are left to fend for themselves, begging in the city streets and living underneath those very same streets next to the heating pipes during the brutally cold winters. At a young age they start drinking, smoking and petty thievery. It’s a sad plight. Since living here, we’ve been able to befriend a few of these kids, but there are hundreds of others.

The need is great and the harvest is white.

I urge T4A readers to pray for the children of Mongolia in 2010. Particularly those who are orphaned, disabled and at-risk. Here are ten ways you can pray for these children in 2010. Please join us in praying that:

1. 10 Mongolian churches will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to act on behalf of children with disabilities in Mongolia with the compassion of Jesus. Result: There will be 10 different Mongolian ministry teams of 20-30 believers working with physically and mentally disabled children and with their families (when there is a family to work with), and that through this real Gospel-change will penetrate society regarding the plight of the disabled.

2. 10 more Mongolian churches will begin working in partnership with the public and private orphanage system to show compassion, care and the Love of Christ to the children who dwell there. Result: Orphan care in Mongolia will become an issue in the church as it ought to be, and believers here will take this to be their Biblical responsibility.

3. 10 different Christian organizations will partner with Mongolian churches to begin Biblically addressing the serious issues of alcoholism and abuse in families. Many of the kids who are “orphans” are not true orphans in that they have left or were thrown out of difficult family situations. The culprit behind this is often alcohol. Result: God’s Kingdom will come with Gospel power and break the stronghold of alcoholism in Mongolia, and through this families will be healed and children restored to their fathers.

4. 10 churches in UB would come together on the issue of children living on the streets. This is a problem that has existed since the fall of socialism and there are few, if any, who will take responsibility to care for these children. Result: The Kingdom of Jesus will come through the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel to these children and that Mongolian society will see and be amazed at the grace of God toward these kids.

5. 2010 will be a year that will see the development of Biblically solid, Christ-centered discipleship material in the Mongolian language which will assist in equipping Mongolian believers to walk in what James 1:27 calls ‘true religion that is true and undefiled before God’: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. Result: Believers and churches will be transformed by the Gospel, and the needs of “the least of these” will be attended to with Christ’s care and compassion.

6. The Mongolian government officials will put the needs of children first and clear the way for a simple and uncomplicated foreign adoption process. Result: God’s Kingdom will to come to the Mongolian government, and there will be no toleration of bribes or corruption and many Mongolian orphans will be able to join Christ-exalting Christian families.

7. As the church is awakened to the responsibility of caring for the needs of the helpless, new church-based adoption agencies with high standards of quality and care will be developed in Mongolia. Result: Improved and simplified adoption processes and improved orphanage standards throughout the country.

8. My friend Monkhoo (pictured to the right) would develop a deep relationship with Christ this year. He is a 10 year boy who lives in the entrance door of an apartment building near our student center. Monkhoo visits the center every day and our staff members have befriended him and cared for him. He often will come to our weekly Bible study and other center events. Pray that he is truly awakened to Christ and the Gospel. Result: Many of Monkhoo’s friends will also come to know Christ and God’s kingdom will come to the community of street children in Ulaanbaatar.

9. At each of the three branches of our leadership and pastoral training program, 10 additional young men will be enrolled and trained to teach the Word of God in the church. Result: 30 men fully trained to wage war on the deception of Karma and other teachings which lead people here to believe that orphans (and others who are suffering) are in such a predicament as a result of something from a past life. Truth will reign. Jesus will be supreme.

10. In 2010, we will find 10 additional US churches who will commit to partner with us with strategic prayer and resources to work toward the vision of a fully equipped Mongolian church, ready to assist Mongolian people in need with the hope of the Gospel and the practical compassion of Jesus. This would include orphans, widows, the disabled and the most helpless in society. Result: God’s kingdom will come to Mongolia and Jesus: His name, His cross, His resurrection and His glorious return will be famous in this land. “…Your name and renown are the desire of our souls” (Isaiah 26:8).

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