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Pray. Give. Advocate. Prepare.

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 22, 2010

The goal of the Church-Centered Haitian Orphan Care Initiative is to mobilize the U.S. church to be the hands and feet of the Haitian church to care for its orphaned and vulnerable children. As we continue to assess the situation in Haiti and explore opportunities of strategic partnerships that will most effectively serve Haiti’s children, we’re encouraging everyone to serve Haiti’s orphans by praying, giving, advocating, and preparing. In order to assist you in serving in these ways, I’ll be blogging about each one of them over the next many weeks.


When I read articles about about the ongoing crisis in Haiti, I let them inform what I pray about. As you pray about these sobering realities, make sure the gospel shapes how you pray. Pray with great confidence that the God who has come to us in Jesus has not forgotten us or the people of Haiti. Pray knowing that since Jesus did not sit down to reign over all things until after he made purification for sins (Hebrews 1:1-3), he is profoundly for his people, all of them.

From CNN:

Haiti’s orphanages have become targets for people desperate for food, water and medical supplies in the aftermath of the devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake.

On Wednesday night, Maison de Lumiere, an orphanage caring for 50 orphans, came under attack from a group of 20 armed men, aid workers told the Joint Council on International Children’s Services.

A neighboring orphanage sheltering about 135 children has been robbed several times over the past few days, they said.

“The European Commission says 80,000 people have already been buried in mass graves, an estimated 2 million are homeless, and 250,000 are in need of urgent aid.”


“In today’s world, the twin causes of human slavery — poverty and vulnerability — increase exponentially after natural disasters… Even without the pandemonium unleashed by a 7.0 earthquake, an estimated quarter-million Haitian children are trafficked (into slave labor or the sex trade) within the country each year.”

“People are desperate. Young girls are ripe for the worst you can imagine.”

From NPR:

“The European Commission says 80,000 people have already been buried in mass graves, an estimated 2 million are homeless, and 250,000 are in need of urgent aid.”

“There’s a massive backlog of 1,400 aid flights waiting to get into the capital, with only 120 to 140 able to land each day . . . ‘I’m frustrated. I can see that there’s so much goodwill out there to expend to the situation, and yet it can’t be forced down this narrow pipe,’ Weeks said. ‘Somebody needs to expand the pipe, and that’s got to be a political decision.’”

“Medical workers said clinics already have a nearly two-week backlog of untreated injuries. ‘The next health risk could include outbreaks of diarrhea, respiratory tract infections and other diseases among hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in overcrowded camps with poor or nonexistent sanitation,’ Dr. Greg Elder, deputy operations manager for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti, told The Associated Press.”

*The picture above is from’s “The Big Picture” series.

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