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As you know, the Haitian church has been devastated by the earthquake.

Pastors are dead.

Church buildings have been demolished.

Our Haitian brothers and sisters are suffering in inconceivable ways.

To use an analogy, if the Western Hemisphere is the setting of The Parable of the Good Samaritan instead of the land of Israel, the church in Haiti is the man half dead and we are the neighbor. Our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ have immense needs, and God has given us the opportunity and responsibility to care for them as the Good Samaritan cared for the man who fell among thieves.

As you have likely heard, many more children have become orphans as a result of the earthquake. What was already an orphan crisis in Haiti has become an exponentially greater crisis. Since the church in Haiti is itself suffering terribly from the devastating earthquake, they are not in a position to even begin to care for their orphans.

So, we are actively working on an initiative to mobilize the U.S. church to be the hands and feet of the Haitian church to care for its orphans. We want to serve our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ by coming alongside them and doing for them what they cannot do themselves: care for their orphans in crisis.

As you can imagine, executing an initiative like this is complicated. We are working to put a clear plan of action together. If you are interested in knowing how you and your church can participate, please send an e-mail to and keep checking the T4A website for updates.

More information will be coming. In the meantime, pray that we as the church will rise up to come alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ for the sake of Haiti’s orphans.

[Initiative Update]

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