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Every Picture Tells a Story

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 16, 2010

Noel Piper:

I’m paging through the posts and photos from Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center, operated by the Zachary extended family. I received my online introduction to them from my son Abraham.

The Zacharys have been in Haiti since 1994. In the best of times which are never very good in Haiti, RHFH houses about 60 children who are sick and suffering from severe forms of malnutrition. A scroll through old posts shows before and after photos of some children now healthy and smiling and and other sad photos of little caskets for children who couldn’t be saved.

Now, times are far from the best. How do you find or make formula for the babies when the supply runs out? Will the visiting US pastor be able to get out of the country? With each aftershock, what will comfort 60 terrified children? Will their long-time coworker find his mother alive? Where will they find gas for their vehicle?

They have posted a number of photos taken in Port au Prince, some distance from the center. Some pictures in particular grab me and say: Every person here has a story. Each has her own pain or his own fear. These are not masses of millions. They are persons, one by one–persons frightened and grieving.

This is one picture that makes me want to beg for the story. What is his name? Where was he when the earthquake struck? What is is injury and how bad is it? Where is his mother–is she still alive or is she trapped nearby? Who will help him?

Who will bring hope to his dazed eyes? May God help him.

In addition to the children who are being cared for at the center, people are coming there from the city to try to get help. This requires more than ordinary resources for a ministry that already works on a tight budget. Please consider helping financially; there are easy links at their website for making a donation.

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