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10 Prayers for the Sake of Orphans in 2010

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 4, 2010

Listed below is what I’m asking God to do in the church in 2010 for the sake of the orphan. Will you join me not only in praying but also in striving to be an answer to our own prayers? I am praying that:

1. 10 pastors in each state will preach a sermon for the first time that proclaims God’s heart for the orphan. Result: 500 churches begin thinking about how they can care for the orphan.

2. 10 pastors in each state will preach a sermon series that considers God’s work of adoption within the story of redemption and how it should inform our care for orphans. Result: 500 churches think about adoption and orphan care more deeply than they ever have before.

3. 10 pastoral staff teams in each state will prayerfully work through Russell Moore’s Adopted for Life to explore how they may equip and mobilize their people to care for orphans. Result: 500 pastoral staff teams uniquely positioned to mobilize and unleash their people for the sake of the orphan in unprecedented numbers.

4. 10 churches in each state will lead their church’s children through God’s Heart for the Orphan . . . and Me! Result: The next generation catches a vision for God-centered orphan care.

5. 10 small groups in each state will prayerfully work through Adopted for Life. Result: 500 small groups mobilized to care for orphans that have not yet been cared for.

6. 10 churches in each state will launch a vital orphan care ministry. Result: 500 churches caring for orphans in substantial ways for the good of thousands upon thousands of children.

7. 10 churches in each state will contact their local Department of Social Services to ask about how they might serve their state’s foster children. Result: 500 churches testifying to the glory of the gospel in both word and deed.

8. 10 colleges will have someone preach in chapel on gospel-centered orphan care. Result: Hundreds of college students commit to caring for the orphan through the local church.

9. 10 seminaries will have someone preach in chapel on gospel-centered orphan care. Result: Hundreds of future pastors and missionaries gripped by the importance of caring for the orphan by the power of the gospel.

10. 10 churches in each state will send a group of people to attend one of the following: Adopting for Life conference, Summit V, Tapestry (2010 conference TBA), or Together for Adoption Conference 2010. Result: 500 churches networking with other churches for the sake of orphans all over the world.

Imagine the results if God should so graciously choose to do far more abundantly than we ask or think . . .

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  • Michele Schneidler, ED of Antioch Adoptions

    Amen and Amen to Dan’s prayer for 2010! We will stand with you and pray through the year that God will continue to ignite a passion within the Church to care for our orphans! Ultimately, we pray that the Church will assist in shifting the adoption culture in the U.S. from a “luxury” to a “responsibility”. Antioch Adoptions will continue to remove as many barriers as possible in order to place more kids in forever homes and we will continue, along with our partnering leaders in orphan care ministry, to encourage the local churches in Washington State to get involved!

  • Fred Sekyewa

    The cause of orphans and vulnerable children touches the hearts of many of us. As we step in 2010 this cause of advocy should be felt in the church and the hearts of the many congregational members around the world. Our ministry in Uganda is reaching out to children left on their own due to AIDS. Love and support is highly needed in areas of shelter, food, income and love and care. We are together in this cause.

    Our website is not on right now but soon. Keep us posted and in the loop as we are dealing and addressing the same issue from this part of the world. Is there a specific day for prayer? Let us know other wise we are praying for the children always.

    Pastor Fred Sekyewa
    Founder / Director
    Celebrate Hope Ministries

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  • Mary Margaret Gibson

    We are committed to changing the adoption conversation nationwide as we provide evangelism training and resources to staff and volunteers of faith-based pregnancy centers nationwide. We will also be moving out internationally with our partners this year. We join you in prayer, not only for the Body of Christ to internalize our complete dependence on God who has adopted each of us, but to LIVE as people who are adopted by Him. Adoption should be so easy for all of us joint heirs to describe. As EvanTell and our Save the Mother, Save her Child ministry train in evangelism, we pray that women and men facing unplanned pregnancy will make wise choices for parenting their baby. We want the center volunteers to hold out all adoption options to people who visit their center. Our great desire will be completed when ever-increasing numbers of abortions are converted to adoptions, and the gospel is presented to every set of adoptive parents. Pray with us for that goal, please.

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  • natalie

    praying especially for colleges and seminaries tonight…

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