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The Anticipation of Our Joy

by Jason Kovacs Published Jan 26, 2009

I recently came across this soul-stirring quote in Luther on Galatians. He is commenting here on Gal 4:7 and our inheritance as sons of God -

We are not the heirs of some rich and mighty man, but heirs of God, the almighty Creator of all things. If a person could fully appreciate what it means to be a son and heir of God, he would rate the might and wealth of nations small change in comparison with his heavenly inheritance. What is the world to him who has heaven? No wonder Paul greatly desired to depart and to be with Christ. Nothing would be more welcome to us than early death, knowing that it would spell the end of all our miseries and the beginning of all our happiness. Yes, if a person could perfectly believe this he would not long remain alive. The anticipation of his joy would kill him.

  • Chris Dattilo

    I had the privilege of spending some serious time with a dying saint. I read scripture, prayed and talked of seeing Christ with her. What I learned is that God often blesses us with the gift of anticipating the joy of being with Christ, and makes that anticipation so strong that we can hardly live.

    When I would help her get up in the morning she was almost sad to find that she hadn’t gone home, because her dreams had been filled with glory. Her face shone as her body weakened. The Lord did call her home very quickly – I believe he wouldn’t have made the anticipation so strong unless he was just on the other side of the River of Death welcoming her into that Celestial City.

    While living – I hope to know more of Christ so that I too may have what Luther has described so well in this quote.

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