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In his article “Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel,” adoptive father, Thomas White, writes:

While waiting to check out, a gray-haired lady peeked around the side of a large beaded purse. My daughter smiled, and the game began.

The lady asked, “Where does her reddish hair come from?” I responded, “She’s adopted.” Her jovial expression faded like the clearing of an Etch-a-Sketch. Her body slowly contracted as she muttered, “Oh, that’s nice. Well, do you have any children of your own?”

I understood what she meant, but I couldn’t resist the devilish little boy inside. I responded, “Yes, this one is ours. We thought about buying a few more but with the economy, well, you know.” I smiled gently, letting her off the hook.

The extroverted stranger failed to understand that despite a lack of cellular heritage, I considered Rachel completely “my” daughter. This stranger, however, did clearly communicate societal priority on biological legacy and the popular misunderstanding of the true meaning of adoption. Unfortunately, many understand the theological concept of adoption less than they understand the cultural concept.

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