Providing gospel-centered resources to mobilize the church for global orphan care.


“Without the gospel, your self-image is based upon living up to some standards—whether yours or someone’s imposed upon you. If you live up to those standards, you will be confident but not humble. If you don’t live up to them, you will be humble but not confident. Only in the gospel can you be both enormously bold and utterly sensitive and humble” (Tiim Keller, “The Centrality of the Gospel”).

Only the gospel can create people who are passionate and humble simultaneously. Without the gospel, we will either be passionate but not humble, or humble but not passionate. This truth applies to every aspect of Christian living, including our advocacy for orphans.

If as orphan advocates we are passionate but not humble, we will limit our influence on behalf of orphans. People won’t listen to us for long if we are not humble in our advocacy.

If as orphan advocates we are humble but not passionate, we will not defend orphans as we should, with the consequence that orphans will lose hope in our advocacy.

Only in the gospel can we be both winsomely passionate and utterly humble in our advocacy for orphans.

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