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Family Man: The Michael Oher Story

by Dan Cruver Published Nov 16, 2009

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Michael OherWORLD Magazine:

All-American Michael Oher went from the streets as a 15-year-old son of a crack addict to potential NFL Rookie of the Year on the love and dedication of an adoptive family that wouldn’t let him fail. The movie that tells their story hits theaters in time for National Adoption Day—and recognition that about 130,000 Michael Ohers are waiting for a family to adopt them | Amy Henry


“More important than all the new socioeconomic status, Oher knew for the first time in his life that he was loved.”

“Sean Tuohy hopes the film can lead to discussion of how inner-city public schools pass kids through classes and grade levels when they are failing: ‘Our system is set up to guarantee failure for those kids. I don’t know how to solve it.’ Sure, Michael’s size and athleticism make him unusual, but that’s the point: ‘If the most obvious success in the city of Memphis can get passed over, imagine who else is too.’”

“Often adoptions take up to four years to complete, even though large numbers of children, especially older ones like Oher, languish in foster care. The Tuohys have started the Memphis-based Michael Oher Foundation with home for just those kinds of kids.”

“At the end of [the book] The Blind Side, Lewis writes that Oher’s success story came about by way of a series of “social accidents.” The Tuohys disagree. They know it was no accident that Oher was born with the genetic potential to become the perfect left tackle. It wasn’t “chance” that led him to the doorstep of a man who had spent his childhood starving in the projects of New Orleans and now has the connections and resources to help a young athlete . . . ‘People call it a fluke, but this is not by chance,’ said Leigh Anne. ‘The Lord takes us down paths in our lives that are often hard to understand and we certainly wish we knew where this was all going but it is clear to me that He has a plan for this movie and it is bigger than we are.’”

Read the entire article.

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  • Larry Roberts

    I am so glad that you posted this. The Michael Oher story has fascinated me since the first time I read it. I have read many sites on Michael’s story but this is the first time I read Leigh Anne’s perspective on it not being by chance that they came across Michael Oher. I am glad that she and her husband give the credit to God for leading them across each others’ path. It is good to see that there are still people in this world like the Tuohys.

  • Elaine Bateman

    We too, have “adopted” a very large number of older emancipated young adults… “kids” with a bad past but great future! The criticisms leveled against us has been nothing short of profound.

    We have been called every name in the book; from cult to seducers to whatever… why? Because, a young man or woman came to our home looking for help. But, because we are not a non-profit, have no foundation and are not well known – we labor in obscurity with many daily attacks.

    Is this worth it? Yes! Will we keep going after all these years? Yes! Do we grow tired at times? Yes! Does our, as well as others, opening their homes to older emancipated young adults make a difference? Yes!

    This is our platform, our life and our conviction – and we thank God for putting us in such a tough calling! Oh, that the church would obey James 1:27 to the fullest!

  • rebecca scott

    wow. this man is amazing. there arent many people in the world who would open up their heart(and home) to a homeless stranger. its amazing how they were able to bring michael oher up to a place where he could be independent and successful. this is truly a brilliant story.

    p.s. i just saw the movie about an hour ago, it matched the story and his life so perfectly.

  • melissa deluge

    I only found out about Micheal Oher Story from the movie it bought tears to my eyes. And much blessings go to Mr. Micheal Oher an his famiy. To Mr. Oher adopted mother may god always rain his bessings upon you.

  • Robert Gerner

    Most inspirational story – I pray to God that more families (in any position, rich, middle class or poor) open up their hearts and do what they can for other people in need. There are so many people who don’t have the opportunity others have and although it may not end in an NFL contract even saving some of these kids from ending up in jail or front page news in the local paper is a true victory of God. I watched this movie last night and am so truly touched. All I can think about is trying to find out a way for me to give more back to people who need it.

  • Donna Vela

    I just saw this movie and it is moving. Thank God there are still good people in the world that help people like Michael. He is an inspiration to all young people and I hope he and his family stay close forever. I hope fame never changes him.

  • D.Lawrence

    I just want to say that it is a blessing to know that there are people out there like the Tuohys. I am not suprised that there are people out there who would not agree with what they did. But if you are a Christian and you believe in God,than you know that what they did for Micheal was a Godly act,and that God is smilng down on them. Tuohy family my heart goes out to you and not just you to all people who take the time out to help save the life of another humanbeing. I loved the movie and would love to meet the family one day. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • B. Morgan

    I had heard this story a couple years ago and it touched my heart. I just saw the movie and I cried from the beginning. I teach in an impoverished neighborhood where there are many homeless. It reaffirmed my reason for being here. God Bless the Tuoys and Michael. Michael is obviously a strong young man who didn’t give into the bad influences around him. I hope you all are able to stay grounded in your faith and values. Oh and…Go Vols! :)

  • Nicole O

    I just saw this move…WOW…Amazing. I watched this movie with my 17yr old son, we laughed and cryed together as we watched it. At the end of the movie, my son said that he was moved the most when Michael Oher was so moved to have a bed to sleep in.
    It makes to sit back and think, that when you feel that you have it rough, there is someone else out there worse off then you.
    God Bless the Touhey family for opening their hearts and home to a boy that just needed some love, respect and guidence.

  • Nengi P

    I’ve watched the movie twice, it brings tears to my eyes. It’s really rare to see a family like the Tuohys. I pray for God’s blessings upon their lives.
    I also pray for families like them, who take in less priviledged children, especially from off the streets. Even though you may not be recognised like the Tuohys, God sees you and his blessings upon you is immeasurable.

  • Nikita C.

    I had watched the movie just this morning, and I was totally moved. I think its great what the Tuohys did for Micheal, especially Leigh Anne, you are a wonderful and remarkable lady. As for Michael, I wish you all the best and I hope you succeed in everything you do in life. May God bless you and your family immensely.

  • sheilamaeaquino

    i cannot help myself to be overwhelm with the movie. this has brought me to look for more reviews and learn more about michael oher’s life. when i saw the movie the first, i repeated twice and yesterday when i got out from work and was just so stressed out, i picked up the dvd and watched the movie again. and i went to sleep with a smile and an inspired heart. it is so touching being able to feel that it is reality that is being told and shown in front of you. I sooo love the movie…I so love how everyone gave justice to the characters in the movie. The Touhys really have a great heart – a huge heart….it emancipated from Sean and Leigh Anne then to their two beautiful children or shall I say three now since Michael is already included – “I(Michael) kinda thought I’m already part of the family”…then Leigh Anne walked away to cry and Sean, Collins & SJ just laughed for joy! ..ahhhh that is so touching! I am praying that I will have a family like theirs..You guys are truly an inspiration…I will forever keep a copy of the movie so I can show it to my kids and my kids’ kids just like Leigh Anne’s reading Ferdinand the Bull to Michael, Collins and SJ…It is a treasure story I will love telling and sharing for the rest of my life…ANd I thank you so much! You’ve truly changed my life! Thank you to the Tuohy family (Sean, Leigh Anne, Collins, SJ and Michael!).

  • Gilda Roberts

    This is by far the best movie I have seen in a while and Sandra Bullock deserved the award for her role. But the truth is that the story it’s self is so breath taking and rewarding I bought the movie and with in 24 hours watched it twice. God bless Micheal and the Tuohy family may you always have many happy times together.

  • Anthony jermaine Taylor

    I WISH i could find some people like the iam knda like michael i have been to lots of foster homes ……iam only 13yrs old too my mom did drugs so i had to leave her no i wish i can find someone like leigh anne and take care of my adopted me ……Care i didnt really have a home like michael and hope i do find someone that can help me i jst want i life not moving from foster home to foster home ……….Thanx michael oher your my hero !!!!!!

  • Maile-Jolyne Cerezo

    This story is one I hope will be shouted from the rafters ! Every now and then I find a story that helps me feel like OMG we are going to find our way out of hatred, indifference and the ugly destruction the human race has wrought upon itself and other innocent beings. I can not understand
    bombing another country back to the stone age while the children are so many hungry and homeless.
    Children are tomorrow, the future and the reflection of where they have grown up, and what and whom they have Loved.
    So far everyone I’ve talked with has been seriously touched by this beautiful movie. I hope that it travels the world and wakes up many of those who will watch the story. Mahalo (thank you) to Everyone involved
    with the making of this movie – the preceding book and to those who lived the story…you all have touched tomorrow.

  • Tara Kurkowsky

    I just saw the Blindside Movie and I was so touched.The Thohy Family is such an inspiration to me, because people like the Thohy family are caring and would give anything to make another person feel welcomed and loved in their own home.You are so wonderful and caring and remarkable to bring someone off the streets and to welcome Michael into your home and to adopt him into your family. There should be way more people like you in this world.I learned something from this movie and the Blind Sided book.You should just take each day and try to make the best of it.I loved that movie so much and I can’t believe that there is such hate that goes on in this world, and luckily there are nice people to even this world out!!

  • Jessica

    I watched the movie 2wice yesterday…and cried like a little baby! my eyes are tearing up right now!!
    truley from rags to riches, and the Touhy family!!…
    that family inspires me in so many ways
    I dont know what to say but WOW

  • Lotty/ Memphis

    I would just like to say to Mr. Oher that everything that you had to go through and have been through. That was not for you, but for the Lord to get His glory out of your life. I commend the Touhy Family for doing the christian thing and taking you in. It was predestined for that family to be there for you in your time of need. I am sure that you guys love each dearly and are very close. I love these kinds of stories, because they give us hope and allow us to dream. God bless you in all your endeavors, and God bless the Touhy Family and rain down your favor.

  • Shelly Good

    The stoy of blind side was so inspiring…I would like to know has he ever seen his real mother and locate any of siblings? Also does he keep in touch with the Oher family. Is he married?

  • http://TogetherforAdoption Tanya Bailey

    This movie has touched me in so many ways it is so hard to explain. I can watch that movie all day everyday and it still feels as the first time I seen it. I cry each time and i can feel the Touhy family spirit. This story has helped me in many different ways. This story was built on so much love, dedication and faith. I am proud that all turned out so well, but as Mr. Touhy mention nothing is by chance. Michael is where God wanted him to be. God bless to the Touhy family for following your heart to help Michael and other children in need. May God continue to bless you all. (Tears of joy as I write this)

  • Ducky

    I just finished watching The Blind Side and loved loved loved the movie! I will pray for the Tuohys continued successes and happiness as well as for Michael. He had the strngth to come out of that poverty and hopelessness with a marvelous attitude which is a gift from God. May Michael Oher continue to be an inspiration to young people all over this country.

  • Pam Suman

    My daughters aged 7 and 8 and I watched the Blind side film and it was in one word – “awesome!” I loved the film and even felt very grateful that there are people in the world who actually think of other people. I think that Sandra Bullock was absolutely fantastic as the mum and her constant persistance to make things happen was astounding. Beside Michael’s acting which was very real feeling. SJ was a very cute little brother and very supportive of his new brother. My daughters and I watched this film and feel very honoured that we have been able to see it and am very happy that it was made into a film for the world to see. We went onto research Michael Oher and found these websites!”

    Amrisha, aged 8, said “This film was sad, happy and funny and fun to watch. It was an amazing experience! Sandra Bullock was very good at her acting as the mum.”

    Simi, aged 7, said “It was very good. I enjoyed it and we had a very good time watching the film. I just loved it because the story was very good.”

    We all would highly recommend that everyone watches this film! and you don’t need to be an american football fan either!!!

  • Mostafa kheirkhah

    Thanks God for creating men such as “Tuohys”‘s family .
    I adore this great family and thank you for your fantastic website
    God bless you

  • Picture Perfect

    Just watched the Movie…AWESOME !!! great to see such a good movie evry once in a while.

  • Shepherdess Naomi

    Tears tears tears joy joy joy my my my!!! What an awesome Heavenly Father we have…even if we’re adopted. Finally saw the movie! What amazing evidence that our Heavenly Father has not left us to ourselves here on earth. He really is looking out for the orphans, fatherless, & the widows. If every other person would do something nice for a stranger…wow. Real love is a verb with great peripheral vision! May the Tuohy’s have eternal peace and favor from The Lord Yah Almighty. May Michael always do what is right and pleasing in the sight The Lord. May everyone who watches this film know & feel loved by The Creator – The Lord Yah-Yeshua [Jesus Christ]!!!

  • http://Website Margaret

    Michael Oher did a great job becoming as much as the Tuohy’s did giving. I saw an interview of him on television and the young man has a powerful presence. Great to hear him talk about football and the love of the game.

    Wish him the best.

  • http://Website Josie Bautista

    what an amazing story, i pray for all the less fortunate families may the lord bring lots of blessings. Bless this family for their love and support. Gracias for being real humans.
    Josie Bautista, Diamond Bar Ca

  • Jwi50686

    i know why the mummy did what she did. if you think about others and do for others then you dont have to be thinking so much about your self and life is not all about ones self.

  • Josabetmar

    Es algo hermoso conocer que hay personas que comparten lo que Dios les ha dado y la verdad Dios bendiga esa familia que sin pensarlo abrieron sus corazones para ayudar a un joven, me llena de gozo el ver algo asi enserio es increible pero como quisiera que hubieran mas personas asi d verdd es algo hermoso pero son personas que no se olvidan que Dios nos bendice y nada es d nosotros mismos ni por nosotros mismos, Dios pone los medios !!

  • Michellelove1969@gmail

    love the story.

  • Augusto E.

    Hola Michael, te saludamos desde Nicaragua. Mi esposa y yo te deseamos sigas adelante como siempre lo has hecho y esepero puedas ayudar a muchos a formar grandes estrellas como tu.

  • mariel colon


  • Holliebear1970

    It was probably the best movie i had ever seen

  • goldZ

    i just finish watching this movie and I love it a lot. . . . it’s very inspiring and a lot of lessons to learn from Micheal. . . God bless you always Micheal. . .

  • Taryn

    Love this movie! I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. I was just so happy that the family loved him like that! God is good!

  • justme

    I’ve watched this movie a dozen times now and I am always overwhelmed by the feelings of what I could be doing better to help those less fortunate

  • Barbara Butler

    Hi Mr OHER
    My name is Barbara Butler. I live in Austin, Texas. My husband Thomas and I have 3 children we have fostered, and now are legal Butler’s. My two daughters Madison and OLIVIA came from a very bad situation. My son Samuel was a drug baby. All of the kids are doing great. It didn’t bother us that they were a different race. All that matters is that they made us a family.
    My husband and I are watching your game as I’m writing this. Your story has helped my older daughter work through her issues. I want to thank to you for telling your story. I know you have helped many children and for this I am grateful
    Your fan always,
    Barbara Butler

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