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Serving Orphans Out of Joy in the Gospel

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 22, 2009

From our new e-book, Our Adoption in Christ: What It Means for Us and for Orphans:

“The only people who are truly able to turn their eyes outward to care for the world’s most needy are those who knowingly live within and enjoy the loving gaze of their heavenly Father. If we are not confident of His T4A eBooklove, our eyes will turn inward, with the result that we will primarily be concerned with our needs, our lack, our disappointment, rather than the needs of orphans.

As a result, we’ll be afraid to risk or do the hard thing if it needs to be done. Or we will give our lives to care for orphans as an attempt to earn our heavenly Father’s love. We will serve orphans as an attempt to earn God’s delight.

We may not know that this is why we’re doing what we’re doing, but it is what drives us deep within. Our hearts may be secretly ruled by thoughts like this, ‘I will pour myself out to defend and care for the orphan. Maybe then, if I do that, God will be pleased with me.’ Neither of these ways of thinking or living flows out of the gospel. The gospel is good news. It’s joy-news because it speaks to us of the Father’s love that has come to us in Jesus Christ” (pp. 2-3).

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