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Here is part two of some choice quotations from Carl Robbins’ sermon on Ephesians 2:11-3:6 at the recent Together for Adoption conference. His thesis was that “there should be no barrier for Christians to adopt trans-racially since they understand that their God is adopting children from every nation, tribe, race, people and language group.” The following section was the climax of his sermon on “Adoption and the Multi-Ethnic Family of God.”

Any denial of unity and reconciliation is a denial of Jesus’ reconciling work.  Paul calls Jews and Gentiles “fellow heirs.”  Any pronouncement or practice or statement that tries to drive barriers or wedges between ethnicities of national groups is rebuilding the wall that Jesus has torn down.  We must strenuously oppose any such things since Jesus has “put to death the enmity.”  We must put off barrier building and put on barrier removal.  If Jesus overcame the Jew / Gentile divide, then there is no alienation, no estrangement that he can’t cure.

God is creating one new people in Christ, a people reconciled to each other across racial lines.  Not strangers, not aliens, no enmity.  Not far off.  And He did this at the cost of His Son’s life.  We love (rightly so) to dwell on our vertical reconciliation with God through the death of His Son.  It is precious beyond measure—to have peace with God (Romans 5:9-10)—BUT LET US ALSO DELIGHT TO DWELL ON THIS: God ordained the death of His Son to reconcile alien people groups to each other in one body in Christ.  This TOO was the design of the death of Jesus.  Jesus died to take away enmity and disgust and suspicion and fear and malice and indifference from your heart toward all persons who are in Christ by faith, whatever their race!

Any unwillingness to embrace those of other ethnicities and nations mars our Gospel witness to a watching world and hinders the world from believing in Jesus.  God intends His people to be a visual model of the Gospel, to demonstrate before people’s eyes the good news of reconciliation.  How can we proclaim that Jesus by his cross abolished the old divisions, while at the same time contradicting our message by promoting or tolerating racial / social or other barriers in our fellowship?

God adopts transracially—HIs only begotten Son is a Jew.  But He has adopted many others that were totally unlike His only begotten Son and to do so He has crossed all sorts of boundaries!

  • Amy

    Thank you for this sermon. I just read this on the heels of getting an email from an adoption facilitator in NC looking for a couple to adopt an African American infant. She couldn’t find any families that could afford the agency costs that would accept an African American child. It broke my heart! This sermon needs to be heard by all!!!

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