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Conference 2009 Highlights

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 5, 2009

God brought over 600 people together this past weekend so that Jesus could be made much of for the sake of orphans all over the world. There is no way to estimate the number of orphans that will be served in the name of Jesus because of what took place on October 2-3 at Christ Community Church. Each speaker preached the Gospel and its implications for orphan care and earthly adoption with great wisdom, care, and passion. God graciously met with us for our joy and the joy of orphans.

I was especially encouraged by the number of churches that sent people to the conference. One of the churches represented at the conference sent six pastors! God is certainly working to mobilize His people to care for orphans!

Below are excerpts from Zach Nielsen’s summaries of the general sessions:

Session Two with Scotty Smith: “With Romans 8:18-25 in mind, Scotty reminded us that one day God is going to finish his story. One day orphans will be orphans no more. We won’t even need the word “orphan” anymore. Now we get to work with God in his mission. This is not a burden, but a blessing to be entered into. Jesus’ work for us signs us on for a new job. Not to earn anything, but to be blessed to share in the work of making things right again.”

Session Three with Scott Roley: “There is no bias in the adoptive work of Christ. Scott reminded us that we are one body in many different tribes. We can reflect the adoptive work of Christ (who is no respecter of race when he adopts lost and forgotten people into his family) when we adopt. He adopts from ALL tribes, tongues, and nations. He is creating a new family. There is one unity in this family and his new family in the New Heavens and New Earth will be gloriously diverse. We are pursuing and following our leader in doing this work now. We are acting out the prayer, “Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done” when we pursue transracial adoption.”

Session Four with Ed Stetzer: “It is interesting to note that Paul is far less vocal about social justice than Jesus was. There is a perceived tension here and historically churches have not resolved this very well. The solution is not in the dichotomy but in the robust engagement in both proclamation AND pursuit of societal transformation.”

Session Five with Michael Easley: Michael “ended his message by challenging those of us to quit talking about the financial obstacles as if God will not provide. If God cares for the weak as much as he says he does in his word, then would it not follow that he will provide for those who want to be his hand and feet in caring for these weak ones? He will provide the path and resources.”

Session Six with Russell Moore: “If the orphan care movement is going to be successful, it cannot be a movement. It has to bubble up out of real churches. It’s can’t be a special interest group competing with other groups. If it becomes a group movement like Homeschoolers, then it is not calling us to what the doctrine of adoption is about in the first place. We are not adopted because of what we have done based on deeds, how cool we are for adopting, or for what we have accomplished. We cannot get prideful and frustrated by those who don’t ‘get it’ or share our vision of adoption care but rather we know that we are saved by grace and so we can extend grace to those who ‘don’t get it.’”

We hope to have the audio available for free download soon.

  • Keith Glover

    Dan, THANKS for all your hard work in getting this conference together! You and Jason did a masterful job on this event! I’ve been to a lot of conferences, but this is by far my favorite!! Great biblical teaching on ALL aspects of true religion! God really spoke to many of us through your words on this issue. I had never looked at James 1:27 in that way….Thanks for the insightful message!
    It was great to meet you and be challenged to be and do more of what my Lord would want! Adoption is an option, but orphan care is not!

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  • Duane Brown


    I too have spent most of the day just digesting all the information that I was exposed to at the adoption conference. How my heart aches to think of the countless thousands that will go to sleep tonight without having heard , just one time today, that someone loves them or that they are someones special little boy or girl. I must admit when I returned home I squeezed my three little girls (all adopted) just a little “extra harder” and let them know how special they were to me. May God help those of us who experienced this conference to be more than just stirred, but may we be changed in such a way that the statistics begin to change and children begin to find loving Christ filled homes!

    Thanks Dan for all your hard work. I am certain in heaven one day you will meet some of the children who once were orphans but because of your labors received the rights of a family.

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