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Church-Centered Breakout Sessions

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 24, 2009


If you are coming to Conference 2009 and haven’t yet registered for breakout sessions, let me encourage you to consider attending one of our breakout topics that are designed to help equip churches to care for orphans and to prepare and launch an adoption ministry. God has given us an amazing selection of breakout topics, but it is the church-focused breakouts that excite me the most. As the first breakout description listed below says, “God has primarily called the church, not just individuals, to care for orphans.” Check them out:

Church-Centered Orphan Care, Elizabeth Styffe, Saddleback Church – God has primarily called the church, not just individuals, to care for orphans. So what does it mean for the church to care for orphans in their distress? Come learn about how the church can fulfill this critical calling.

Implementing a Balanced Orphan Care and Adoption Ministry in Your Church, Johnny Carr, Bethany Christian Services – This session will help you think through the philosophy behind your ministry with practical suggestions for leading people to deeper involvement. We will talk about educating and engaging everyone in the congregation, many in the congregation, and then a few in the congregation. At each level, the education and engagement will get deeper and be more involved. A sample calendar will be available to give you practical ministry ideas.

Mobilizing the Local Church to Serve Children in Foster Care, John Schechter, 4KIDS of South Florida – Opportunities to serve children in foster care are sometimes overlooked by churches wanting to respond to God’s heart for the orphan. Yet, local church involvement is critically important to the lives of these precious children. This session will provide an overview of the needs of children in care and the many ways that the church can become involved.

Hope for 100: A Wholistic Church Campaign for the Fatherless, Dwain Gullion, ABBA Fund – Learn how to challenge your church to care for the fatherless. Churches around the country are challenging their congregations to adopt and foster and take part in orphan care projects around the world. This breakout will look at one church’s campaign to see 100 children adopted and fostered and how your church can do the something similar.

How to Start an Orphan Ministry in Your Church, Hope for Orphans – Getting started can often be the most difficult step in moving forward, This session will provide eight easy steps you can follow to launch a successful orphans ministry in your church. The session is ideal for any church wanting to start an adoption, foster care or international orphan care ministry.

Orphan Sunday: Grow Commitment to Orphans in Your Church and Community, Jodi Jackson Tucker and Elizabeth Wiebe, Christian Alliance for Orphans – November 8, 2009 is Orphan Sunday. Churches, community groups, pastors, lay-leaders, and students across the country will harness this day to shine a spotlight on God’s mandate to care for the orphan—and what we can do in response. Locally-led events range from sermons and Sunday School classes to concerts, fundraisers and prayer gatherings. Taken together, hundreds of simple grassroots events will echo nationwide. How can you seize the opportunities presented by Orphan Sunday? Learn how people across the country are using this day to expand energy and engagement in their churches and organizations on behalf of orphans, and how the Christian Alliance for Orphans can help you develop your own local activities.

Strengthening the Church by Engaging and Mobilizing for Orphan Care, Alan Hunt and Michael Vinson, World Orphans – What if the church needs the orphan as much as the orphan needs the church? Come to this session to learn about the greatest kingdom building opportunity in our lifetime. God has an army of 143,000,000 orphans strategically positioned throughout the least reached places on the earth. Come hear how you and your church are being called to respond.

Holistic Care for Orphans, Elizabeth Styffe, Saddleback Church - An important aspect of caring for orphans is to address the holistic needs of orphans. This session will focus on effective ways every church can address the medical needs of the orphan and effectively minister to those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

If you have not yet heard, we are offering a special rate for church groups. Please contact for information about this special rate. There is still time to register for the conference.

You can read the complete listing of breakouts here.

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