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Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote a brief article today entitled “The Culture of the Congregation: Celebrating Adoption.” Here are two excerpts:

The concept of adoption is nearly universal. In the classic sense it is the formal and legally recognized act of willingly receiving someone else’s child as your own. In contrast to temporary guardianship or foster arrangements, adoption is permanent. Legally, adoption establishes a new identity for the child. In many cases around the world, adoption can mean the difference between life and death. 

In the New Testament, adoption serves as a primary analogy of salvation. The sinner, who prior to faith in Christ is a rebel headed for destruction, is now adopted as a child of God. This new status is further defined as that of a joint-heir with Christ. By grace, the rebel child of the enemy is adopted as a child of the King. The former slave to sin is now a son or daughter of the heavenly Father.


In recent years, American Christians have seen a recovery of adoption as a living concept — and as a focus of congregational celebration. Many evangelical congregations actively encourage families to adopt and offer support, education, and encouragement for international adoptions. This renewed interest among evangelicals attracted the attention of The Wall Street Journal. Naomi Schaefer Riley explains that adoption is now a “hot topic in the evangelical community” as Christians understand adoption to be a sanctity-of-human-life issue.

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