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Here are all 12-parts of the series “Adoption within the Story of Redemption.” Below I have included a one sentence excerpt from each post.

Part 1: “What do you first think of when you hear the word adoption?”

Part 2: “God seems to be awakening the church to the importance of Scripture’s teaching on our adoption by God.”

Part 3: “Adoption plays a key role from the beginning of the unfolding story of redemption (before God even created the world) all the way to the end (when all of God’s adopted children enjoy the full privileges of their adoption in the new heaven and new earth).”

Part 4: Adoption’s four acts within the story of redemption.

Part 5: Adam’s Sonship (Creation / Fall)

Part 6: “God did not create or adopt man because He was lonely.”

Part 7: “God’s promises to Abraham? You will find that they anticipate adoption as sons.”

Part 8: ” Israel proved to be God’s prodigal son.”

Part 9: “While Israel, like Adam before, failed in its sonship, Jesus succeeded in his Sonship in order that he might make all things right.”

Part 10: “What is the primary significance of the ‘Abba! Father!’ cry?’

Part 11: “‘Abba! Father!’ teaches us that whatever our ethnicity, our country of origin, or our language, if we have been adopted by God the Father through faith in Jesus, we have the incomparable right and privilege to call God ‘Father.’”

Part 12: “The presence of the ‘Abba! Father!’ cry in our hearts is evidence that we are actually beginning to imagine ‘what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea.’”

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