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From Saddleback’s Orphan Care Connection ministry:

How to START an Orphan Ministry in Your Church

S – Submit to God’s Word & pray

Gather together with other members of your church to study God’s Word and pray about the ways God wants you to care for orphans.

T – Talk with the leadership of your church

Meet with the leadership of your church to discuss your heart and passion to start an Orphan Care ministry in your church. Share information about the number of children in need and talk about the reasons the church is the best plan for caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. Dream together about the strategy and next steps that need to happen to start the ministry.

A – Align with God’s purposes locally and globally

As you create ways for your church to care for orphaned and vulnerable children stay focused on the purposes and keep your mission clear.

  • Evangelism: Take James 1:27 seriously “Pure religion in the sight of God cares for orphans and widows in their distress.” Create ways for your church members to define their faith the way God desires.
  • Discipleship: Come alongside the vulnerable children in our world, showing them God’s love for them, and teaching them how to know and follow Him.
  • Fellowship: No one can care for orphaned and vulnerable children alone. Create ways for small groups to support families who are in your ministry.
  • Worship: Have a weekend series on God’s heart for the orphan. Hold a prayer service for the 138 million children in our world who no longer have a family.
  • Ministry: Determine ways for your church to serve orphaned and vulnerable children, adoptive families, and people who have committed to fight for these children.

R – Research opportunities in your local community and around the world

Meet with the Foster Care agency in your community and determine ways to promote foster care to families in your church, establish ways to work together and come alongside foster care workers and families in your community.

Advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children locally and globally.

Partner with churches around the world through the PEACE plan and start church-initiated ways to help believers care for orphans in their community through their local church.

T – Take action locally and globally

Hold an informational gathering to engage the hearts of your church members and provide a clear vision of the opportunities in your local community and around the world. Be His hands and feet!

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