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Orphan Justice

Orphan Justice Weekend is designed to be a weekend that engages an entire church with the opportunity to get involved in orphan care at some level, opportunities to get involved immediately, educate your ministry team in biblically based and proven strategies for better orphan care, and inspiration from God’s Word.

pre-weekend events:

Johnny is willing to host two Skype meetings with the ministry team (orphan ministry team, justice team, or which ever is appropriate) to help them prepare for the weekend. He will talk through the plan and answer any questions. Your church orphan/justice ministry team should read Orphan Justice before these meetings are scheduled.

weekend events:

worship service – On Sunday morning/Saturday evening Johnny will preach a message that focuses on special needs adoption. However, other issues within the book will also be discussed and referenced in his sermon. Johnny will work with your church orphan/justice team to prepare them and ensure a maximum return on the weekend.

luncheon – The church should host a luncheon where Johnny will answer questions and also have adoptive/foster/safe families share their testimonies.

training – Johnny will lead a training for your church orphan/justice ministry team. You may invite leaders of other churches to this training. This training will focus on an ongoing ministry within your church to adoptive/foster/safe families and biblically based best practices for international orphan care. This will typically take place on Sunday evening.

book signing – Johnny is open to doing a book signing if you so desire to have one.

post-weekend events:

information meeting:
One mistake many churches have made following a weekend like this is not giving the opportunity for people interested in becoming an adoptive family to actually meet with a professional. I am happy to connect you with a Christian agency that can work with your families to lead a meeting. The meeting should be held within one week of the event.

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