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Orphans Refuge: Days 2 and 3 in Ethiopia

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 16, 2009


One of the Orphans Refuge team members, Joy McCarnan, writes:

Sunday morning, a few of the team members were able to meet with a worker from another orphanage, then visit yet another orphanage, all before the morning worship service. A team from Dallas Theological Seminary is currently ministering here at the international church we visited. The main thought I took away from the meeting was that in this nation, in its stark +/- realities, in any nation that has suffered war and famine and an orphan crisis, the overwhelming weight of the burden truly is too much for us to bear. No wonder these people, like most all of Creation, are waiting and groaning for–they know not what, but–a Savior Who can come and make all things right. Talk about a land that needs healing–and no wonder America doesn’t long for rescue and redemption and healing.

Sunday evening we felt like we needed “more church,” so we met together as a group at Joe’s house (Joe is another friend who works here with an organization drilling wells). We had some discussion time about how to keep the Gospel central in our efforts to remember and respond rightly to what we are experiencing here.

Please continue to pray for the Together for Adoption Orphans Refuge mission team.

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