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Super Early-Bird Registration Now Open

by Dan Cruver Published Mar 9, 2015

Simple for blog post

Simple action can make a world of difference.

Our 2014 conference theme was “Urgency & Complexity: Biblical & Ethical Approaches to the Orphan Crisis.” We needed to engage with just how complex orphan care has become as a global issue.

It’s time for simplicity. The reality is that, even though orphan care and adoption are tough and complex at times, people all over the world are discovering simple steps that can lead to truly transformative solutions.

Especially in a time like ours, complexity can lead to discouragement and even to analysis paralysis.

We need simple.

When facing the complexity of the global orphan care crisis, what we really need is a scale of orphan care that’s approachable, that’s solvable. We want powerful ideas and effective solutions that are especially beautiful because they are simple.

Please join J.D. GreearTony MeridaJohn Sowers, and Johnny Carr (as well as others we’re excigted to announce soon) for our 2015 conference to be held November 5-7 (Thursday evening through Saturday Noon) at 8,000 member Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. As always, you can expect our commitment to creating the kinds of spaces where you can enjoy conversations among friends about issues and actions that matter. This year, you can also expect even more elegant simplicity.

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  • Marilyn White

    was interested in becoming a speaker for your conference but was informed it was closed. I am the author of new release BELONGING by Marilyn White which shares the bi-racial foster/adoptee’s life adventure of pain, joy and triumph; volume 1. I realized there was not any speakers registered at your conference from a bi-racial/trans-racial background and felt they also need representation. I am glad to have found your site and will enjoy being apart of your great contributions to the life of orphans worldwide in the future.

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