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The Good. The Bad. The Beautiful.

by Dan Cruver Published Feb 18, 2015


“At a time in history when so much attention is rightly focussed on the child, and all that children suffer—from war, poverty, abuse, and loss of family—it comes as glorious good news that God does not leave us as desolate orphans (Jn. 14:18) but promises…through the Spirit, a home to dwell in of true belonging and abiding love. But it is equally a rebuke to our society, which thinks of itself as come of age, and in which all too many who are disturbed, insecure, and immature try to prove their adulthood by the abusive exercise of power over the vulnerable young, that a child is precisely what each of us must be in order to be whole. And that child, regenerate, adopted, neophyte, on the way at last to maturity and full stature (Eph. 4:13ff.), is what we may become by simply saying Yes to the one who for our sakes risked his Sonship on the cross and yielded to the orphaned grief of Fatherlessness on Easter Saturday” (Alan E. Lewis, Between Cross & Resurrection: A Theology of Holy Saturday, p. 445).

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