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5 Questions Adoptees Are Tired Of Being Asked

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 7, 2015

5 Questions

Huffington Post article by an adopted teenager:

As an adopted teenager, I think there is a fine line between being curious and being nosey, especially when it comes to personal issues such as adoption. Most kids will point out the obvious: “Oh, that girl/boy does not look like their parents, they must be adopted.” While many people will observe that I look nothing like my parents (observation skills 100+). To a certain point, the finger pointing and stares get up my grill.

I believe there is a certain etiquette and code of conduct, when it comes to being curious and asking a person about their personal life (in terms of being the adopted or foster child of that family).

Read Mei Webb’s 5 questions adoptees are tired of being asked.

  • Macks

    A start for sure, but there are many questions and comments we adoptees grow weary of hearing.

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