Providing gospel-centered resources to mobilize the church for global orphan care.


Main Session Attendees

Not counting our emcee (Johnny Carr) and this year’s worship leader (Randall Goodgame), you will hear from 18 different people in our main sessions this year. Six of them will speak for 30 minutes while 12 of them will speak for 10 world-shaping minutes (if you are familiar with TED Talks, you are already familiar with the format we will use)

Each of the six 30-minute talks with be followed by a panel of key leaders within the adoption movement who will join her/him on stage to discuss the presentation and what its implementation would mean in our care for at-risk children. In addition to these onstage discussions, you’ll have the opportunity to hear our twelve 10-minute speakers expand upon their visions in smaller workshop settings. Never before have you had this many opportunities to interact with the leading thinkers out there like you will at this year’s T4A conference. Words can shape the worldand that includes the world of orphan care.

30-Minute Talks

2014 30-Min Speakers

10-Minute Talks

2014 10-Min Speakers

Join us October 17-18 for Together for Adoption National Conference 2014 in Greenville, SC. Learn more:

Note About the Video: The waterfall in the video is a bit more impressive than even we remembered. Sorry about all the noise during the recording. If you think about it, though, the sound of the water does “fit” contextually with the message of the video (“voice like the roar of many waters”; Rev. 1:15)… Judge for yourself!

*Video was filmed at Falls Park in Downtown Greenville.

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