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10 Minutes to Shape the World

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 27, 2014

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We may not usually be consciously aware of the power of our words or the words others speak, but if we stop to think about it, we know that our words can change the way others think and live. Our words have the power to create new situations. Just think of the power of “I love you”, or “I hate you”, or “I’m so very proud of you”, or “I couldn’t be more disappointed with you”. Words shape the world and how we relate to and live within it.

This recognition of the power of our words to shape the world we live in is why we are putting more speakers in front of everyone than we ever have before. Not counting our emcee (Johnny Carr) and this year’s worship leader (Randall Goodgame), you will hear from 18 different people in our main sessions this year. Six of them will speak for 30 minutes while 12 of them will speak for 10 world-shaping minutes (if you are familiar with TED Talks, you are already familiar with the format we will use). You likely will not agree with everyone, but you will feel the power of their words and the vision they cast for how we can better care for at-risk children everywhere on the globe.

And if a talk or three particularly affects you in significant ways, you’ll have the opportunity to hear each of them expand upon his or her talk in a workshop. These workshops will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss those ideas and their implications. This is one reason we are absolutely convinced that this will be the best Together for Adoption conference yet. Learn more about our 10 minute talks to shape the world.


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