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Cutting Through All the Noise…

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 13, 2014

NatCon Speakers 2

We are cutting through all the noise to give you the best voices out there on the issues that matter most… Main session speakers for our October 17-18 national conference include:

Dr. Elizabeth Bartholet (Harvard Law), Dr. John Sowers (The Mentoring Project), Jedd Medefind (Christian Alliance for Orphans), and Brandon Hatmaker (author of Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture)

Dr. Susan Hillis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Dr. Toney Parks (Served as consultant to Senator Ralph Anderson’s “Organized Gang Task Force”), Elizabeth Styffe, Chris Marlow (Help One Now), Mike Rusch (Pure Charity), Johnston Moore (Home Forever), Rick Morton (KnowOrphans), Daniel Bennett (A Passion for the Fatherless), Scott Vair (World Orphans), Phil Darke (In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence), and Alex Krutov (The Harbor St. Petersburg, Russia)

Join us as we think deeply and biblically about

Adoption ethics and practice

Family preservation and reunification

Indigenous, international, and domestic adoption

Foster care and orphan care practices

Our primary objective for this year’s gathering is to maximize our time together by providing important conversations with people who are key leaders, thinkers, and practitioners in the global orphan movement. We want to facilitate extended conversations that matter — conversations that uniquely address the complex spectrum of care needed for orphans globally.

Every main session talk will be followed a 20 minute onstage conversation in which leaders within the evangelical orphan care and adoption movement discuss the topic and its implication for orphan care and adoption.

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