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When love embraces brokenness

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 24, 2013

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I think this is the best blog post I’ve read in 2013. If you want to read a story of what it can look like when love truly embraces the brokenness of abandoned children, told by one of those abandoned children, you need to read this post. It tells of a beauty that does not sugarcoat or bypass the brokenness. Bill Lewis writes:

Thirty years.

Thirty years; most of my life, but for me it represents something big.

Thirty years is an anniversary for me.

Thirty years ago I was hungry; I was thirsty; I needed clothes. Missing from my life were the fundamental things children need.

An older couple, previously living a “normal” American life, stepped into my situation and gave me the things I most desperately needed: food, clothes, a home, love, and most importantly, Jesus.

My two older sisters and I were abandoned by our biological parents. I don’t remember how old I was, because I don’t remember a time when they were there. We knew what it was like to be hungry, dirty, cold, and without clothes or blankets. We were left in our apartment by ourselves all day and all night . . . every day and every night.

I remember my five-year old sister making us popcorn; I remember climbing on the counters to find peanut butter above the refrigerator; I remember being so hungry I ate dog food out of a garbage can outside . . .

. . . I also remember the day my life changed forever.

Please read the entire blog post.

  • Deb Steiner

    Thank you, Dan, for sharing this important story!

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