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ArmsGodsStory - Scotty Smith

Scotty Smith‘s topic for his plenary talk at our conference this past weekend was “When Everything Sad Comes Untrue.” One of Scotty’s “sweet spot” doctrines (he has many!) that I absolutely love to hear him preach on is the New Heavens and the New Earth. So when I invited him to speak at our 2013 conference, I asked if he would preach on “When Everything Sad Comes Untrue” because that’s exactly what will happen when the earth is finally and fully renewed by Jesus! And to my great delight, he agreed!

Throughout his sermon on Saturday, Scotty referred to the image above (which was originally a painting he had commissioned artist David Arms to paint). If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Scotty talk about the meaning of each panel in that painting, you’ll definitely want to listen to the audio once we post it. You will find yourself longing more deeply for the day when everything sad has finally been made untrue. In the meantime, Scotty was kind enough to provide us with a PDF document that walks us through the meaning behind each panel of David Arms’ painting. So download it and enjoy!

Also, if you want it, here’s a higher resolution version of the image/painting.

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