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How Jesus’ heart is always toward you

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 9, 2013

The Heart of Christ GoodwinNeed some heart-winning good news this Wednesday morning? In the forward he wrote for Thomas Goodwin’s The Heart of Christ, Mike Reeves writes:

In John 13 . . . knowing that he was shortly to return to his Father, Jesus washed his disciples’ feet as a token of how he would always be towards them; he told them of how he would go like a loving bridegroom to prepare a place for his bride; after the resurrection, the first thing he calls them is ‘my brothers’; and the last thing they see as he ascends to heaven is his hands raised in blessings.

It is as if he had said, The truth is, I cannot live without you, I shall never be quiet till I have you where I am, that so we may never part again; that is the reason of it. Heaven shall not hold me, nor my Father’s company, if I have not you with me, my heart is so set upon you; and if I have any glory, you shall have part of it . . . Poor sinners, who are full of the thoughts of their own sins, know not how they shall be able at the latter day to look Christ in the face when they shall first meet with him. But they may relieve their spirits against their care and fear, by Christ’s carriage now towards his disciples, who had so sinned against him. Be not afraid, ‘your sins will he remember no more’ . . . And doth he talk thus lovingly with us? Whose heart would not this overcome?’ (emphasis mine; pp. xii-xiii).

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