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Noel Piper: Saturday Tweets at T4A NatCon

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 7, 2013

*Noel Piper was an official live-blogger for Together for Adoption National Conference 2013. The following is sampling of Noel’s conference tweets from Saturday, October 5

When Everything Sad Comes Untrue — Scotty Smith

Piper_Noel_IMG_4218_normal“And oh, God will dry every tear, And everything sad will be made untrue.”( @StevenCurtis #T4ACon


Piper_Talitha_TweetsClosing with “A Little More Time to Love” by @StevenCurtis. #T4ACon


Piper_Noel_IMG_4218_normal“One day “orphan” will be written out of our vocabulary!” – @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon


Piper_Noel_IMG_4218_normal“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes” by wiping away every cause for weeping. @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon4 retweets


Piper_Noel_IMG_4218_normalWe’re not going back to Eden. Eden was just a foretaste of what’s to come. @ScottyWardSmith#T4ACon


Read Noel Piper’s entire blog post of tweets.

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