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by Dan Cruver Published Sep 7, 2013

Mission-Minded Woman Quotation

*This post is adapted from Everyday Worship: Our Work, Heart, and Jesus by Trisha Wilkerson © 2013.
Looking for your next book to read? If so, read Everyday Worship by Trisha Wilkerson. Here are a few excerpts, including one from yours truly.


“Sometimes, we try so hard to be mission-minded, we neglect our primary mission: our own family. We fulfill requests for help by compromising our time with our families. We might deliver amazing meals for others while feeding our husband and kids cold cereal for dinner. We may spend all day with a woman who needs encouragement, when our children are aching for encouragement from their own mom. If we are ‘on mission’ and are sharing the gospel with our neighbors, we need to honestly consider if we are giving the gospel to our family members first.

Being on mission is always sacrificial; something has to flex so that we can give our time or treasure to others. Therefore, our heart’s priorities need careful prayer and discernment as we pursue living ‘on mission.’”


“As Dan Cruver writes, ‘Those who doubt God’s love for them will not mobilize for mission. Unless we know the Father delights in us even as he delights in Jesus, we will lack the emotional capacity necessary to resist complacency and actively engage in missional living. The only people who can truly turn their eyes outward in mission are those who knowingly live within and enjoy the loving gaze of their heavenly Father.’

“Being on mission isn’t about our mission: it is about God’s mission. Our aim is to make his name great, and when we act, we are growing in worship.

“When have you mixed your missional priorities? How can you seek to promote more awareness in your heart and family life of your community’s needs?”


Read Trisha’s entire article.

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  • Melissa

    Just as aptly could be titled “The mission-minded parent”!

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