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Workshops for Families in Crisis

Breakout Session One Highlight (Friday, Oct. 4, 11:00am – Noon)

Families in Crisis: Addressing the Unique Challenges of Struggling Adoptive Families (Dr. Jon Bergeron, Director of Hope for Orphans Family Care) – Dr. Bergeron discusses why difficulties in adoption are the norm and how early supportive intervention by the church can make all the difference. This session will provide an overview of the magnitude of challenges facing a child and a family after an adoption takes place and will discuss the need for a support network around that family that is best provided by their church family. Loving the “difficult” to love is our job as the body of Christ, and is often how we shine brightest. Churches need to actively move toward these families when times get tough and continue to love them even when things don’t seem to be working out.

Breakout Session Two Highlight (Saturday, Oct. 5, 1:30pm – 2:30pm):

Adoption is War: Principles of Spiritual Warfare Applied to Adoption (Dr. Jon Bergeron, Director of Hope for Orphans Family Care) – If adoption is the gospel lived out, we should not be surprised at the reality of spiritual attacks on our marriages, our families and our children. Addressing the biological, emotional and developmental needs without a spiritual understanding and plan of attack is, at best, an incomplete approach to parenting adopted children. This session will discuss the reasons adoptive families are targets for spiritual attacks and ways to be aware of this factor in helping our children heal and grow. Biblical principals for doing spiritual warfare will be discussed with specific application to adopted children and families.

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  • Phil Layton

    Were these sessions recorded? We have 12 families in our church who could really use this teaching

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