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Who will be at NatCon 2013? Gerrit Dawson

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 24, 2013

Who will be at NatCon 2013 - Gerrit Dawson

Gerrit Dawson is one of those authors I wish more Christians knew about and read. He has the ability to write both scholarly books (e.g., Jesus Ascended: The Meaning of Christ’s Continuing Incarnation and An Introduction to Torrance Theology: Discovering the Incarnate Saviour) and popular ones, like Called By A New Name: Becoming What God Has Promised. I’ve personally benefited immensely from every book of his I’ve read. That’s why I’m excited to announce that Gerrit Dawson will be joining us for our October 4-5 conference at Southern Seminary and leading two breakout sessions based on his soon-to-be-released book, The Blessing Life: A Journey to Unexpected Joy (see below for Gerrit’s two breakout session titles/descriptions).

The Blessing Life: A Journey to Unexpected Joy is a book that I hope you’ll pick up once it comes out September 2nd (it has some great sections on God the Father’s adoptive grace!). IVP is also providing A Guide to the Blessing Life: 40 Days of Scripture and Prayer to go along with it. The guide, too, is excellent.The Blessing Life - Gerrit Dawson

To whet your appetite, below are a few endorsements of Gerrit’s newest book, including the one I wrote for it:

“With a keen ability to weave together vivid stories, music, poetry and art, Gerrit Dawson’s small book takes us on the hopeful journey of the blessing life. What he offers is no cliché, but instead glorious theology made incredibly practical; here is a life that is lived in and out of God’s blessing, a life of communion with God that is free not only to enjoy God’s grace but also to extend it to others. If you sense God is distant or unconcerned, read this book. You will be blessed.” —Kelly M. Kapic, professor of theological studies, Covenant College, and author of God So Loved He Gave

The Blessing Life . . . is the kind of book that will change everything you ever thought about blessing—from God, to God and to others. Not only that, it will change your life in ways you never dreamed. I commend this book to you. After you read it, you will ‘rise up’ and call Gerrit Dawson blessed for having written it.” —Steve Brown, Bible teacher on Key Life and professor at Reformed Seminary, Orlando, Florida

“Just as astronomical images taken in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum reveal different structures and features of nebulae and galaxies, so Gerrit Dawson’s images of blessing in the biblical spectrum reveal a rich and life-enhancing approach to a flourishing life. The Blessing Life creatively explores how the acceptance and favor of the living God elevates our lives and provides a basis for purpose and persistence amid the turbulent conditions of this soul-forming world, and it invites us to give away what we have received as we become conduits of grace in the lives of the people in our spheres of influence.” —Kenneth Boa, president, Reflections Ministries, and author of Yearning for More

The Blessing Life is a love story about a love that’s bigger than the universe. As I read the book, I found myself ushered, amazingly, into the transformative love story of Jesus and his Father that’s been opened up to include me–to include us! The Blessing Life was written for the weary and heavy laden. In other words, it was certainly written for me (and probably for you, too). . . . for the glory of God and the good of others. I’m confident this book will change the way you think of God’s love and the way you live life in the community of the saints.” —Dan Cruver

Gerrit Dawson’s two breakout sessions at Southern Seminary:

Getting Over Myself: By Cultivating a Blessing Life (Gerrit Scott Dawson) - Adopted into the Father’s family, we now participate in the very atmosphere of his Triune household. The overflowing characteristic of that house is life-creating, love-generating, world-welcoming blessing! Scripture tells a blessing story from Genesis to Revelation. Every day, we take part in God’s massive re-blessing project in Christ Jesus. From greeting our neighbor to adopting orphans, from finances to forgiveness, from worship to witness, we can cultivate a blessing life that invites everyone into the redeeming life of God. [Breakout Session One]

Praising Into Christ: The Engine That Powers Our Pilgrimage (Gerrit Scott Dawson) - The neglected art of blessing God can vibrantly enhance our participation in the Triune life. Praise advances intimacy. Communion deepens as we take up our unique role in voicing all creation’s praise and enthroning the Triune God in our worship. This workshop will engage ancient and contemporary sources as we deepen our skills for entering God’s blessing story through personal and gathered worship. [Breakout Session Three]


Learn more about this year’s conference.

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